Annual Report 2007 - 2008


The project is in Tura, W.Garo Hills, Meghalaya. It is 250 kms away from Guwahati.It is seven hours drive by road up the mountains. There is no train facility or Air connection to Tura.The project is involved in the education and rehabilitation of the blind, the Deaf, the MR and Children with multiple disabilities in an inclusive envirment.There are three special schools school for the Blind, School for the Deaf, School for the Mentally Challenged, Montfort Secondary school for the integrated and inclusive education, Vocational Centre for the Disabled.

There are also two separate hostels for the Boys and Girls. The whole campus covers an area of 30 Acres and is situated on the top of the hill. The training of special education teachers and manpower development is also an important aspect of the project. Awareness and diagnostic camps and services through outreach centers are also programmes carried out by the project. All the above are supported by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. The glimpse of Montfort centre for education in the year 2007- 2008.

Beginning of the new Academic year 2007 -2008:

The new academic year began with prayer service organized the students of class X. The students and staff prayed for special blessings from God through our Founder Montfort, so that the year would be a successful and memorable one. This year, we began the academic year 2007 on 5th February 2007 (Monday).

Investiture Ceremony:

A leader is an individual who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Some see a chance to power, prestige and privilege, but many look beyond that to do the greater good and service to others. The whole school was divided in to three houses namely Gabriel House, Louis House and Francis house. The house captains and the assistant captains and the teachers in charge of the various houses were also appointed and were given name tag.

Cultural competitions:

€œFine art is that in which the hand and the head and the heart of men go together says John Ruskin. India is land of diversity and unique beauty. Every year we conduct the inter house cultural competitions. This year too, we organized various cultural competitions like dance, music, singing, fancy dress, quiz, and extempore speech for a week. It was really encouraging to see the students with creative ideas and imaginations exhibited their talents during this competition. The prime reason is to create lot of interest among the students and excel in various fields.

Bro. Thomas More Memorial Inter-school Art and Music Competitions:

The annual inter school music and painting competition conducted in fond remembrance of Rev.Bro.Thomas More the founder-Director of the Montfort centre for education. Large number of students from various schools participated in this mega event. This event was given wide coverage and publicity through all the news papers and local Doordarshan Kendra. This year 25 schools from Tura and surrounding areas participated. St. Xaviers School, Tura won the over all Championship.

The terminal Examinations:

The school academic year is divided into two terms and each term is divided into two midterms and examination is conducted four times a year. The result of the each terminal examinations are sent to the parents and the percentage of these examinations are taken for the final promotion examination. The first midterm examination was conducted from 14th April to 18th April and the First tem examination was from 1st to 5th May 2007 and second midterm examination was conducted from 10th to 15th September 2007 and the second term examination was conducted from 22nd November to 30th November 2007. The result of the students were given out on 15th of December 2007 and the school closed for the academic year.

Seminars for the staff members: Resource person from different places visited our centre and they conducted a week long workshop for the special education teachers and the teacher trainees of the centre covering the various aspects of speech and language development in young HI children. Integrated and inclusive education, low vision, etc

Vocational Programmes:

Vocational training centre provides skill development in weaving, tailoring, embroidery, computer; knitting, Book binding and printing to the disabled children of all classes. The computer course covers Microsoft word, power point, excel, and DTP etc. This vocational programme is based on the efficiency and interest of the students. Every student irrespective of their severity of disability is taught at least one trade.

Educational Tour:

This year the Special Education Teachers were taken for an educational tour to south India to visit some of the leading institutions for the VI & HI to know more detail information. For most of them this tour was the first visit to south India and for some of the students for the first time traveling by train. Some of the prominent institutions they visited were; St.Louis Institute for the blind, Adyar, Chennai; Little flower school for the blind, cathedral, Chennai -6; Government School for the blind, poonamalai; The Clark school for the deaf, Chennai, NISH & Freedom Centre for the MR Trivandrum and NAB School for the blind Kanyakumari.It was really wonderful and an eye opener for the special education teachers.

Sports day:

Every year Montfort centre for education conduct annual sports. The track and field events are really worth watching. All the three houses compete with each other till the end of the events. All these co- curricular activities help the students in their overall development. The sports start with the march past and continue with a number of track and field events. Thereafter we also have items like martial football, volleyball, basketball, shuttlecock and cricket. Mr. F.D. Sangma, deputy Inspector General of Police was the Chief Guest for the same.

Teachers Day celebration:

A teacher is like who moulds bare clay into priceless pieces of art. In recognition of the selfless service rendered by teachers the student's community celebrated teacher€™s day with great pomp and show. Teachers are our greatest treasure, the treasure of knowledge and sacrifice. 5th September is the birthday of Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, the great educationist, philosopher and the 2nd president of Independent India. On this day the students of special school and the regular students had a meaningful teacher's day celebration. The students put up a number of variety entertainment shows to express their love and gratitude to our dear teachers. It was a memorable day for all the staff members. After this entertainment programme the students gave a delicious meal to the teachers.

This year the Teachers social 2007 was organized by the Montfort Centre for the teachers of Tura region. More than 900 teachers attended the function and special appreciation was given to the teachers who were retiring from the service.

World disabled day commemorated:

World day of the disabled was organized by the District Social welfare office Tura in Don Bosco school, Tura. All the students of our centre participated in the same. We are proud to say that most of the prizes were won by our children. Children enjoyed the day.

School annual Picnic:

Every year the school organizes picnic for the students. This year too, the school organized cooking picnic in the campus on 14th November 2007. A delicious meal was prepared with different style and spices. The meal was cooked by the staff with the help of senior students and was shared by every one.

School Annual day:

On 7th December was our special day for everyone in the campus to see the large number of parents attended this parents day celebrations. The students came up with wonderful programmes and exhibited their tenants in various ways to express their affectionate love and gratitude to their beloved parents. At the end of the function the chief guest spoke about the importance of quality education not just bookish knowledge but the development of life skills which alone can transform our society from under development to development, from stagnation to growth and from poverty to comfort. Preparing the child to face life in the increasingly competitive world is a joint responsibility of the parents and the teachers. If any, the parents have a bigger stake in this effort than others.

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