The centre conducts the following examinations for the evaluation of the students.

1. First Mid-term examination.

20% of the marks obtained in this examination is taken for the promotion to next class during the promotions at the end of academic year.

2. First Term Examinations:

Here the portions of first med-term and first term is included for the evaluation. 30% of this exam is taken for the final promotion at the end of the academic year.

3. Second Mid-term Examination:

The portions covered after the First term is taken for the examination. 20% of the maks scored in this exam wil be taken for the final promotion.

4. Second Term:

The portions taught after the first term will be taken for the second term examination. 30% of the maks obtained in this examination will be taken for the final promotion to the next class.

The promotion of the students depends on the performance of the student during the entire academic year and not based on the final examinations.

System of Evaluation:

External Theory Exam: 80 Marks

Internal Marks: Test: 10 Marks, Project Work: 10 marks - Total Internal : 20 Marks

The parents can come and check the answer sheets of the students. It has to be signed and returned to the school office immediately.